TR Systems Ltd has developed a patented technology with its unique toroidal shaped rotary hydraulic actuator - called the Torlite Actuator.

The Torlite is a world first curved ram, hydraulic rotary actuator capable of angular rotation up to 100 degrees and has been designed for use in high torque, heavy duty applications.

The Torlite actuator utilises two single acting, toroidal shaped cylinders that oppose each other to create rotary motion in both directions. Each cylinder employs similar operating principles to that of a single acting, linear hydraulic cylinder, thus benefiting from a robust and proven design that has been used in engineering applications for decades. This basis of the Torlite Actuator design lends itself to applications involving a high and constant torque output.

TR Systems is focused on partnering with others that would like to adapt the Torlite Technology into various engineering industries and applications.


The Torlite actuator operates similar in principle to a single acting hydraulic cylinder, which is known for its simplicity and robustness. Rather than being linear, each Torlite cylinder features a curved cylinder body which houses a single piece, curved hydraulic rod.


The Torlite actuator utilizes two single acting toroidal shaped cylinders that oppose each other to create rotary motion in both directions - current output is 100 degrees. It is compact, robust and has zero creep.


The Torlite Actuator has been developed for use in the earth moving industry, specifically for tilting hitches on excavators. The construction industry exposes the Torlite to overloading, rough handling, harsh weather and dirty environments. Testing in this industry has put the technology through its paces and has resulted in a proven working product.


We are here to help you utilise our technology in your design.

We have been through the process of commercialising a product in which the Torlite Actuator System has been incorporated. We are experienced on all aspects of bringing a product to market and are able to support any licensee of our technology throughout this process:

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