Future Applications

The Torlite can be engineered into any application. For compactness, the Torlite actuator is best adapted on a case by case specific application. It can be supplied as a stand alone actuator where upper and lower mounting plates serve as attachment points.


Hydraulic actuation is an important phenomenon for many water vessels. In boats, ships and various marine vessels, actuators provide the essential torque for manoeuvring. The Torlite actuator provides an opportunity for improved manoeuvrability of marine vessels.

Defence Forces

Military and Security forces require hard-wearing performance from equipment. Machineries used in such applications are faced with harsh environmental conditions, extreme weathers and severe attacks. The Torlite’s robustness lends itself to operating in extreme environments while still providing the high torque force, performance and reliability that is required in defence machineries.


The agricultural and primary industries sector involve various demanding tasks that require rugged, sturdy and durable machines for better efficiencies. The Torlite’s robustness means it is an excellent component to incorporate into agricultural machinery that has to cope with harsh environmental conditions and rigorous use.

Rides and Recreation

The Torlite actuator has many practical applications, however, its strength, holding force and robustness are of a whole new capacity and so this enables creativity. The Torlite opens the door to new possibilities in motion – enabling execution of ideas that were previously not safely or practically possible. This could mean opportunities for engineers of theme park rides.

Oil Gas & Resource Recovery

The Torlite is suited to heavy application required by the resource recovery industries, which deal with heavy pressures and significant forces given the large scale of these operations.

Industrial Automation

In this era of robotics, automation is used to move parts and assemble them together such as in automotive and aircraft vehicle manufacturing – using minimal human assistance. The Torlite actuator can be applied in a wide range of industrial automation and material handling where powerful rotary and lift motion is needed, with minimum maintenance to maximise efficiency.

Ski Industry

The Torlite actuator is able to withstand harsh environments including sub-zero temperatures. The Torlite would be suited to engineering technologies utilised in the skiing industry such as driving chairlift machinery and manoeuvring snow making machines.

Space and Aerospace

The Torlite technology is based on tried and tested hydraulic ram principals that have been in use for decades. The stability of this technology means that it is able to be used in environments where safety is paramount and opens up possibilities for doing things that were not previously able to be done.

Solar Energy

Increasing demand for renewable energy sources is leading to growth in sectors such as Solar. The Torlite component could be utilised in the setup of various aspects of solar energy projects. This application requires rugged and durable construction of components due to constant environmental exposure and the Torlite is suited to such conditions.


Satellites need to be effective at manoeuvring and so incorporating Torlite technology into satellite designs would be advantageous. The Torlite actuator provides high torque control to enable swift movement of satellites of varying sizes. The robustness of the Torlite also suits the rugged environment to which many satellites are exposed.


The construction industry exposes machinery to overloading, rough handling, harsh weather and dirty environments. The Torlite has already been proven in this industry with its use in excavator attachments. However, there are other areas in the construction industry in which the Torlite could be utilised.