TR Tilt Hitch Coupler

The Torlite Actuator has been fully developed for use in the earthmoving industry, specifically implemented as a tilting quick-hitch coupler to be used on excavators.

Due its superior constant driving and holding torque output, 100 degrees rotation ability, and easy serviceability, such application was a great means of testing the technology.

Between the years 2017 to 2018 ten TR Tilt Couplers were manufactured and commercially sold across Australia and New Zealand

Several prototypes were developed since 2009 with the finalised product having been tested in the field for the last 3 years. Feedback from the field was taken into account to make further improvements to the design. The construction industry exposes the Torlite actuator to overloading, rough handling, harsh weather and dirty environments. Testing in this industry has put the technology through its paces and has resulted in a proven working product. 

After several design reviews and 7 years of R&D, a robust actuator design has been achieved, which can now be used in other applications – opening up new possibilities.

In the year 2017, the TR Tilt coupler was awarded the best innovative product by the Sydney Dirt and Turf Expo, Australia. The technology was also selected as a finalist in the NZ High Tech Awards 2018.

The TR Tilt-Hitch product is available to license. Please contact us to express your interest.